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CHAOSANCT - Live At The Fly 21.09.08 (Gig Review)


9Days Down

1000 Scars

Heavens Gate

Arriving early at the venue, due to the amount of people there was to talk to, i never made inside the venue until 5 minutes before Chaosanct were due on stage!
So unlike other reviewers who just lie, i must apologise to all 3 support groups who i did not get to see, therefore i cannot review their sets.I will say that from talking to various people none of them had anything negative to say about them.

Onto Chaosanct who were making their london debut in front of a packed audience and boy did they deliver!
The brainchild of James Mcilroy, ex Cradle Of Filth and current lead guitarist with Matron who has spent 2 years putting this together with Andy Ongley (ex Lozek and current Guitarist with Samsas Traum), multi talented musician Tilman Wolff-Moore on bass also with Samsas Traum and Spitting Blood, ex Biomechanical drummer Matt C and Spitting Blood vocalist David R Kuchta.

Exploding onto the cramped stage with 'Slither' (one of only four completed demos,this one was recently uploaded to their myspace page), two things strike you; firstly that the quality of music is very high with its blend of death metal and melody and secondly that Dave has the most amazing voice, like a mixture of Burton C.Bell and Shagrath, without a doubt this guy has the best voice in metal in the uk right now.

The next few songs are new to everybody as only 2 have been released so far, each song powers along with pounding bass, superb guitar work from Andy and James who also manageed to windwill without getting caught up ! (how come his head doesnt unscrew?) driven by a constand barrage of drum triggers on overdrive.

Best of all was the atmosphere.On stage the band were clearly happy laughing and joking between songs and with each song the audience were becoming more involved with much headbanging and flicking of the obligatory horns,it was a sad moment when Dave announced the last song.
All in all a great gig from a band who will be destroying venues throughout the country in the near future.


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