CAVALAR,ROXVILLE,VINTAGE STEEL - Rock Attic,Streatham 29.11.08 (Gig Review)

Vintage Steel

Rock Attic 29.11.08

Vintage Steel
First gig from the band formed by ex Tempest guitarist Pawel and ex Tiberium bassist Mark.With a brand new vocalist who sounds like Glen Danzig they have all the right elements to be a great band, but tonight reducing their set to just 4 songs including a spirited
cover of Velvet Revolvers 'Sliter' the band clearly were not ready to play live.

Only their fourth gig and not even been together for a year,Roxville totally exploded on
stage showing a maturity and confidence that normally comes with many years experience.
Tapping in on a wide variety of influences from Ac/Dc to Motley Crue their songs are an instant hit with the crowd, many singing along with the catchy chorus' even though they dont
know them yet, and that is a testament to the quality of this bands material it has that "feel good" factor.
I tell you this in one year this band are going to be huge, go check them out.

Turns out to be their fourth anniversary tonight and they are recording the whole show.
Unfortunatley vocalist Luca informs us that the set will be all new songs from their
upcoming new album.
Now there were a couple of stand out songs played 'The Outsiders' and 'Higher' but the rest
of the songs, though good, were not really for a live set (at least not until the albums
released and we have got used to hearing them).
So i was dissapointed, also the band were running very late and deciding to play a full set
at half ten when the last train is around 11:15 meant that we had to leave and miss the
So, still a great band, just not a great gig.


Vintage Steel

Roxville - Desert Storm



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