2.Restless Soul
4.Into The Metaverse
6.Pillars Of Creation

James Tinson - Guitars
Paul Du Plessis - Guitars
Tom Webster - Vocals
Matt Hart - Bass/Viola
Saif Abed - Drums

Havoc System came into existence at the beginning of the year and are already making a dent on the Metal scene, this 6 track mini album is worthy addition to your collection.

The intro is actually quite clever as it introduces you to the upcoming tracks !
To be honest there is no point going through this track by track because if you like the first proper song 'Restless Soul' with its mixture of melody and old Black Metal rifferey done in such a way that you cant stop headbanging then you'll love the rest.

The odd thing about this band is that when you hear them you know you are listning to a band who play black metal in everything but name, because they are "not" a black metal band,hell even when i hear Tom sing i picture Euronymous or that other Tom from Celtic Frost.
The band list their influences as KSE and Lamb Of God, to my ears it has to be Mayhem, Emperor and other bands of that ilk.
So if they want to emulate their influences then they need to make some changes, however if they continue in this vein then its corpse paint time and world tours with Cradle and Aborym :)


Rating 8/10

Get This If You Like : Doreterna.Mayhem.Celtic Frost.Emperor.Opeth


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