Thursday, 18 December 2008


1.The Devils Hour
2.Our Desperate Story
3.The Betrayal

Dan - Lead Vocals
Mike - Lead Guitar
Tommy - Guitar, Backing Vocals
George - Bass, Backing Vocals
Lukey V - Drums

There is little to fault here,this is as near perfect as you would expect from a bunch of lads who started out covering a handfull of Avenged Sevenfold songs a couple of years ago then grew up and started to take notice of Iron maiden.

Sure this has Maiden stamped all over it, but its no clone,there is originality here delivered in a style that would appeal to ten thousand young rock fans out there who are being force fed shit like fall out boy and the automatic.

Vocalist Dan sings (yep sings none of your cookie monster stuff here) sure he growls occasionally but his style brings a little class along with that dual guitar attack,solid bass and solid drumming.
Kerrang covers stars within the year i think!


Rating 8/10

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