Rock Attic 20th December

Stepping in at the last moment to help rescue a bill that was falling apart thanks to some
genuine reasons from some bands and some crap ones from others, the London band formerly
know as 'Seasons Of Six' put on a good show.

Their opening was very gothic and atmospheric this was followed by 30 minutes of melodic
Death Metal played with true style and conviction.
At times the melodic side takes over so perhaps they should drop the death metal element all together and just be good old "Heavy Metal".

First rate female bassist Nicky fingers flew up and down the fretboard complimenting the
excellent guitarwork of Marcel.Vocalist Cletus screamed his lungs out but also managed to
sing as well,he also looks like Wayne Static's brother !

Any band who use the cookie monster theme as their intro are going to get a double horns up
from me !
Words such as "Brutal" and "Crushing" are the best chosen when describing their aural assault of Death Metal.
One of the most technically proficient bands in the scene anywhere in the UK, they played to
a packed venue full of appreciative headbangers eager for more.

This was bassist Rob's last show with the band and it was one of their best, so a suitable
farewell with songs like 'Evil Evil' slaying everything in its path.

Gig number two for the reformed (no lets change that to remade) thrash legends, still
proving that they are better, faster and stronger and ready to take on the pretenders to
the throne of UK thrash.

Tonights show began with Coke pacing up and down during the intro shouting "Lets fucking do
this!", the whole band were pumped and ready.
Notch this one up as "Job Done", audience worn out and sweating, band playing perfectly (even
Sam's amp commiting suicide during one song, quickly replaced so the onslaught could
continue) and shouts for an encore which was duly delivered.

They need to expand their set and though this may be herecy to some,i would drop a couple
more new songs into the set and lose some older ones.
Word is more gigs are planned and a new EP by April, this Virus is dangerous and ready to
infect,question is now.."Are you ready ?"






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