Tuesday, 14 July 2009


01.Deadened Soul
02.March Of The Clones
03.Believe The Lie
04.Blatant Frenzy
08.Living The Nightmare
09.Black Magick
10.Strange Days

Daniel Stevenson (Vocals/Guitar)
Dean Smith (Guitar/Drums)
Robi Smith (Bass)
Johan Buys (Bass)

Recorded over a period of 3 years this was clearly a long term project that they took a great deal of care over, striving for their perfect sound.
This is technical and heavy as fuck, a huge drum sound drives each song as if life itself depends on the power with which each skin is crushed.

Then we get the guitarwork, heavy powerchords with catchy riffs lurking behind each song and the vocals are screaming right in your brain yet retain melody.
The song 'Lost' shows another side to the band with its techno intro and Wayne Static like vocal delivery.

Im seriously loving the guitar on 'Living The Nightmare' its like a non stop guitar solo, it just rips right through the whole song, play this fucker loud!

This album is just a pleasure to listen to, it simply rocks from first to last song without any drop in quality.

You should also go check them out live, where daniel and Dean are joined by Jake Findlay on bass and Kev Parker on drums.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Strapping Young Lad, Static X, Dope, Fear Factory.


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