SILAS - SILAS (Cd Review)

01.In The Grind
02.Rollin On
03.Angels Lie

Dave Runham (Vocals)
Mike Ross (Drums/Guitar)
Matt Drumm (Bass)
Tom Ross (Drums/Guitar)

It has to be said that Dave has an amazing voice, its bluesy yet agressive and sits perfectly with the panteraish metal that his band create.

There is a great deal of thought behind this music, its not just in your face riffs and drums, there is attention to rhythm and structure, it lifts this way above average and really deserves to be taken seriously.

The second track manages to incorporate some death metal influences and creates a huge wall of power that is pure headbanging fuel.

Finally the band get to play with the styles with a stonerish song that evolves into a reggae song, some great harmony vocals really push the music to a very professional standard.

Question here is why are this band not signed??

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Pantera, Down, Dry Kill Logic, Disturbed



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