01.Last Disco On Mars
02.Erotic Nymphos In Love
03.Scream My Name
04.Gone In 60 Seconds
07.Witches Of Suburbia
08.Baby Gone Disco
09.Blaze In The Heart Of Hell
10.Scary But So Much Fun

Shannon Lee (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)
Nathan James (Bass/Guitar/Keyboard)
Ashleigh Jade (Vocals)
Jonti (Drums)

Starting off with a sample about putting on a bikini, yep Spiderbaby are back!
'Erotic Nymphos In Love' is a sleazy disco/rock crossover that hits the right spot and has a great guitar solo thrown in just to let you know that they can add just the right element of rock when required.

'Scream My Name' is very "Depeche Mode" but with sexy female vocals, great synth sounds punctuate this potential dance floor clasic.

'Gone In 60 Seconds' starts with a sample from a news programme about some nameless (but obvious) britians got talent star,the song has this great old school new wave feel like its 1978! catchy chorus and great lyrics.

'Naked', "Do you like it when i do that" goes the sample that starts this six minute sleaze epic, how can i put this...music to fuck too!

'Stardust' is a goldfrapp/Marilyn Manson electronic rocker again some great vocals and well written lyrics.

Up next is 'Witches Of Suburbia' has a nice quiet intro that goes into a rockish chorus and then drops back to quiet, get 3 minutes in to another great solo and you have the albums slow burner track that will eventually get you.

'Baby Gone Disco' has a "Visage" like synth riff that drives yet another dance floor classic.
The black metal inspired 'Blaze In The Heart Of Hell' (Well okay i lied about the black metal, but what a cool title) this is a simple pop rocker that gets the head nodding in time to the bass drum and is driven nicely with a little guitar riff.

'Scary But So Much Fun' could sum up Spiderbaby anyway!Its a bouncy electronic swing rocker again that guitar work shines through, secretly i think that there is a full blown heavy rock band lurking underneath all that sexy sleaze pop.

The album ends with 'Chilled' a beautiful ballad sung fantastically by Ashleigh, it is the natural progression from the previous albums 'Baby Doll' though not as erotic lyrically, in fact this is quite a dark and bitter song about (i assume) being a married mans mistress.Once again this has a great guitar solo, a real eyes closed "shredder".

Overall this is a a superb album and i would recommend it to anyone, including all my Viking metal hoard friends, this is a fun album, well put together, well written and just plain fun.


Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Goldfrapp, Electric Six, Scissor Sisters, Blondie
And here is the promo video for 'Erotic Nymphos In Love'.
This is a video in two halfs, one is happy and colourful with Shannon dancing with a couple of sexy girls which is nice, the other half is much more fun with Ashleigh and Nathan in leather administering an unholy communion to two slaves of wine and cherries followed by a little spanking :)