01.Come Get Some
02.Kneel To The King
03.I Cant Be Your Lover
04.Hair Of The Dog
05.I Want You To Want Me
06.If It's A Sin
07.A Nightmare Livin' The Dream
08.Just To Hear You Say It
09.This Aint Love
10.Hard To Get
12.Waterloo Ratz

Flash Roxx Sawyer (Vocals)
Niro Knox (Guitars)
Lee Benz (Bass)
Moyano El Buffalo (Drums)

London's own "Monsters Of Rock" first appeared way back in 2002 playing gigs and releasing a couple of demos, but it wasnt until 2006 that the band really began to get noticed with a solid line up that gigged everywhere and produced the 'Late Nite Dynamite' EP in 2007.

Finally their debut album 'Viva La Decadence' arrived in 2010 with songs produced by both Andy Brook (Shush/Catfight) and Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy/Judas Priest).The record became a cult hit receiving rave reviews worldwide with it's upfront blend of full throttle guitars, irresistible hooks and catchy lyrics.

There then followed a couple of line up changes and a decision to 'up their game', An electric performance as the main support for Crucified Barbara in Paris, was followed by a main stage slot at France's renowned Motocultor metal festival. The band thrilled the capacity crowd who sang raucously along to their catchy hits as the sun went down.  Following this hit performance the band were given a headline show in Sweden at Stockholm's Harry B. James venue. Acclaimed shows and a growing reputation on the scene saw them put pen to paper on a fresh deal with Bad Reputation Records who reissued their debut album to further acclaim.

Work then began on the next album with producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Enter Shikari) at Snap Studios.

The finished album titled 'A Nightmare Livin' The Dream' is released this month.

'Viva' is a very hard act to follow and the bands party/sleeze style can be difficult to sustain whilst staying fresh, but one listen to this album puts any fears to rest because
right from the start we get a more mature approach and sound without compromising the soul of the band.

Kicking off with a killer riff 'Come Get Some' builds the tension like a moody thrash band before exploding with Flash's screaming vocals.
A real mover with catchy lyrics and solid backing vocals.

'Kneel To The King' is another "shout it out loud" rocker but with a dark edge, for review purposes this is the second listen to the song and already we are singing along!

Sounding like Motley Crue covering River Deep Mountain High, 'I Cant Be Your Lover' is another instant hit, it has a great breakdown full of melody and great vocal delivery followed by some outstanding Niro guitarwork that you have come to expect!

'Hair Of The Dog' Not a cover of the Nazareth classic but a fast paced high velocity rocker.

This one also not a cover! though Cheap Trick are no doubt an influence on the band.
'I Want You To Want Me' has an extremly catchy chorus and the song with its construction and delivery illustrate the quality of the band and is a great example of just how much the band have matured.

'If It's A Sin' has classic sleeze rock lyrics but with non typical music, showing up the majority of the genres bands that you dont have to do this like everyone else.

With a punchy bass line 'A Nightmare Livin' The Dream' is a fitting title track, it has all the swagger you expect from the band, great vocals, solid drumming and that great guitarwork.Its a bouncy song and i swear i can hear a brass section in the mix?

When it comes to the rock ballad King Lizard have already produced one of the greatest ever - and i do mean EVER! with 'Not For Me' so to my ears 'Just To Hear You Say It' is a great song and one up there with GNR's 'November Rain' and the line "I thought i heard you say it' will stick in your head for days to come, but 'Not For Me' cannot be topped.....Yet?

Building on the general mood from the previous song 'This Aint Love' is a real stand out track, a superb riff with a catchy little hook drives this one forward, its backing vocals gives it that sing a long anthemic quality.
The outro to the song has a great piece of acoustic guitar playing.

One of my all time fave tracks that has been on my mp3 player since it appeared on the Late Nite Dynamite EP in 2007 so not sure how a new version will sound, but the new version of 'Hard To Get' is actually very good, its a lot slicker, not as raw and more harmony in the vocal especially on the slow bit where Flash sings "You try to take me by surprise", definatley a more "Funkier" version.

Think i have found my fave song on the album,'Down' has a different feel to it, its a mid paced almost thrash like song, and by thrash i mean Megadeth style as opposed to Slayer.
Some great instrumentation in there from Niro and even a touch of death metal screaming from Flash, sum this track up as "Fucking Awesome!"

Finally ending on an old live fan fave with 'Waterloo Ratz', its a really good version and nails the bands authority once and for all that they really are the Sleeze rocking monsters of rock!

RATING : 10/10

For Fans Of : Buckcherry, Hanoi Rocks, LA Guns, Voodoo Johnson, Mercy House


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