Otep is a four-piece alternative metal band that began in Los Angeles, California in late 2000.

They were invited to play Ozzfest before they had even signed to a label after Sharon Osbourne witnessed their live performance. They have since played Ozzfest several times. Otep signed with Capitol Records after only a few shows and without a demo, purely on the power of their live performance.

Otep Shamaya has published two poetry books, spoken at the Democratic National
Convention in 2008, and is an avid painter. Some of the activist groups she supports
are RAINN, Carbon Rally, PETA, & WSPA

In 2009 Otep signed with Victory Records. Their 2009 album, Smash the Control Machine, included a reunion with former members Mark "Moke" Bistany on drums and Rob Patterson on guitar. The album also featured Koichi Fukuda on piano, and Emilie Autumn on violin, and a cowrite with songwriter, Holly Knight which resulted in 'You're A Woman Now'. Holly Knight previously cowrote Perfectly Flawed with Otep on The Ascension.The band appeared with 2Cents, Five Finger Death Punch & Shadows Fall on the 'Shock & Raw Tour' of North America in the fall of 2009.
In 2011, they released their 5th studio album, ATAVIST.

For more than a decade, OTEP has become an outspoken activist for positive global change and acceptance. She has amassed a devoted following known as the “Tribe” who support her endlessly and drive her meaningful music and message forward. Night after night OTEP continues to display an unruly force of high-energy and emotional hard rock that is unmatched. Having performed over 1,000 shows and sharing the stage with OZZY OSBOURNE, SLIPKNOT, MUDVAYNE, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH along with dozens of other notable names throughout hard rock and metal,OTEP has demonstrated she is one of the finest and most intense live artists today.

Sounds Like Armageddon is a special, career-spanning live CD intended to give the world a glimpse of how chaotic, passionate, poetic, and captivating OTEP is while on stage. Recently recorded on the 2012 Destroy To Create Tour.

10 storming live cuts or original tunes great versions of 'Ghostflowers','Rise, Rebel. Resist' every track is full of agression, melody and power, and one cracking version of Nirvana's Breed.

Pretty much designed for the fans, but a great introduction to the band if you have not heard them before.


For Fans Of : Slipknot, Arch Enemy, My Ruin


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