Cropsy Maniac - Shear Terror EP (CD Review)

01.Cirque Du Absurd
02.Creepy Things
03.Shear Terror
04.I Strangled Mine
05.Dawn In The Rotting Paradise

Aaron Whitsell (Guitar/Bass)
Kevin Herr (Guitar)
Kevin Reece (Vocals)
Street Trash Travis (Drums)

Described as "A new breed in slasher grind!"
The Kentucky based band feature ex members of Blood Freak.
And as thats all the info i was given lets move to the ep which has four original songs and a cover of "Dawn..." orginally by a band called Heamorrhage.

'Cirque Du Absurd' opens with some weird horror circus samples then just goes on to destroy everything in its wake for 90 seconds of sheer (shear?) speed and power.

Next track 'Creepy Things' foregoes the intro and just goes for pure noize overkill.

A spoken intro for 'Shear Terror' and then more of the same, screams, mental drumming, over the top riffs!
Exactly the same including intro for 'I Strangled Mine' and then the cover at the end, this one has slightly more musical structure - but dont let that put you off its still fucking brutal and fun.

Rating 8/10
For fans of : Napalm Death, Carcass, Aand?, Cattle Decaptation, Sore Throat, Pig Destroyer


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