Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Undermine The Supremacy - Ashes EP (CD Review)

03.Razor Tonhue
05.Predatory Parasite
06.Avert Your Eyes

Anthony Sowter (Vocals)
Jake Fletcher (Guitar)
Garth Douglas (Drums)
Matt Doak (Bass)
Alexander Barnes (Guitar)

Undermine the Supremacy formed in early 2013 on the Sunshine Coast in Australia when Garth Douglas and Jake Fletcher came together with a common goal in mind to start a band that was both heavy and groovy making you want to bang your head until it drops off.

After recruiting Matthew Doak, the trio began writing the bands debut E.P. As the sound started to take form the band thought it time to look for a vocalist to bring the songs to life.
The band then decided the aid of another guitarist was needed to add more dynamic to the songs, and after numerous interests and jams they finally found what they were looking for in Alex Barnes.

The band sparked interest in Eshatonic Records from Canberra, and after hearing a roughly recorded mix of one of the songs they offered to sign the band to the label.

With numerous local shows, and an interstate tour under their belt, Undermine The Supremacy have established themselves in the local metal scene, and are constantly expanding throughout the industry.

So 'Insomnia' turns out to be a bloody intro!
Then the Ep itself, well to me sounds like a post hardcore/scene kid thing, heavy with a groove - yes, but nothing mind blowing, just another band with a shouty vocalist playing what they think is modern heavy metal.
Nah soory not my thing at all.

Rating 4/10
For fans of: Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine, Emil Bulls, Hatebreed

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