Pyre - Human Hecatomb (CD Review)

01.Merciless Disease
02.Far Beyond The Unknown
03.Last Nail In Your Coffin
05.Flesh To Poles
06.Under The Death Reign
07.We Came To Spill Thy Blood
08.Curse Bloodline

Dym Nox (Vocals/Bass)
Roman Rotten (Guitar)
Fred Obsinner (Guitar)
Kannib Maledik (Drums)

Formed in may 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, they set out to create pure, early, raw and Unholy Death Metal focusing on the traditional sounds in the old school vein.

Their debut EP "Ravenous Decease" was recorded in autumn 2011 and released in april 2012 as one-sided 12" MLP limited to 300 at Blood Harvest Records.

Well 'Merciless Disease' may start with a Sabbath inspired riff but this quickly turns into a straight forward wall of death metal with a hint of early black metal thrown in.

The sabbath riff returns for a slow and sludgy start on 'Far Beyond The Unknown' then a nice solo comes in, by 2 minutes its back to the death metal stuff, shame really coz the first bit was quite good and the second bit is just too generic to get all excited about.

'Last nail In Your Coffin' seems to be a mixture once again of death and black metal influences, i know they are trying for the old school sound and for that they do very well, but maybe they could throw something into the mix to make it more intresting?

So 'Possessed' does throw something into the mix, nice timing changes, some horror movie samples, a tinge of thrash metal and some varied vocal styles.

After 'Flesh To Poles' passes without making any real impact comes the thrash/speed metal infused 'Under The Death Reign' this one is full of hyper drumming and screaming guitar solos, then almost gets a blues vibe going with some slower paced backing over more great solos.

The last three songs just do more of the same, again nothing outstanding but there again i have heard a lot worse, overall a pretty good album.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Death, Venom, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Spitting Blood


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