Monday, 29 September 2014

AlgomA - Reclaimed By The Forest (CD Review)

02.Fell Down A Well
03.Reclaimed By The Forest
04.Tertiary Syphilis
05.Go On, Git!
06.Extinct Volcanoes

Darby Wiigwaas (Guitar/Vocals)
Kevin Campbell (Bass/Vocals)
JV (Drums)

AlgomA is a devastating, crushingly heavy Sludge/Stoner/Doom band from Northern Ontario, Drenched in depression and utter despair.
Formed in November 2012 they do seem somewhat obsessed with songs that deal with a wide range of depressing subject matter.

Opening track 'Bedsores' is a ten minute uncompromising doom/sludge masterclass, downtuned to perfection with enough bass rumble to disintegrate any solid object within range.

'Fell Down A Well' does the same in half the time but with some ear destroying feedback thrown in over some screaming and tortured vocals.

After another sludgefest with 'Reclaimed By The Forest' comes 'Tertiary Syphilis' a noise filled and at times chaotic piece, extended distortion notes over some pretty wild drumming and then some heavy as hell riffs kick in.

'Go On, Git!' has elements of punk lurking in the doom laden sounds and even some proto thrash or early black metal riffs in there.

The final piece 'Extinct Volcanoes' is eleven minutes long, after a sample intro comes endless distortion and running fingers up and down the strings, a noisey start, then this slow riff starts and the drums begin at funeral pace.
The vocals are another tortured workout screaming for dear life throughout.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Melvins, Unsane, Sunn 0))), Boris, Earth

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