Vanderbuyst - At The Crack Of Dawn (CD Review)

01.At The Crack Of Dawn
02.Roller Coaster Ride
03.Girl In Heat
04.Catch 22
05.In The Dead Of Night
06.Lost In Discotheques
07.Walking On Tightrope
08.Light My Dynamite
09.On And On
10.Secret Dancer
11.Sweet Goodbye

Barry Van Esbroek (Drums)
Jochem Jonkman (Vocals/Bass)
Willem Verbuyst (Guitar)

The hard working Dutch hard rock band formed in 2008, notched up an impressive cv of support slots to legends such as Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Saxon and, err Steel Panther.
So far they have released three albums Vanderbuyst (2010), In Dutch (2011) and Flying Dutchmen (2012) all gaining major airplay and serious sales

Hard to pick out any one track from the first few so far, its not as heavy as i was expecting, some great bass playing that really comes through the mix, cant fault the guitar and drums either.
The vocals are very mild and melodic, somehow i was expecting more power and agression.

The track 'Lost In Discotheques' is the first one that sticks out, but thats because of it disco rhythms and even more melodic vocals.
Then after a few more hard rock songs we get 'On And On' that sounds like a 70's pop/rock song.

And the album ends on a ballad!

Yeh this one did not score well with me, from their image and their influences this should have been heavy classic rock with some guts, but its a melodic classic rock album, its good and i can see their appeal, just wanted more energy.

Rating 6/10
For Fans Of: Cauldron, Voodoo Six, UFO, Magnum, Motley Crue


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