01.Split Seconds

Adam Ever (Vocals/Synthersizer)
Mike Raymond (Guitars)
Pal Buckingham (Bass)
Gary Boast (Drums)

Excuse my outburst here but "Fuck Me" this is amazing, imagine Peter Gabriel fronting a metal band and you have this stunning progressive metal hybrid that would get genesis (Thats proper genesis with Gabriel not the twat drummer as singer) fans and opeth fans jumping up and down.
2 tracks just aint enough here to do them any real justice, this is just outstanding."Split Seconds" has elements of Rush musically with some really cool phased guitarwork but with such a strong vocal performance and excellent production.

"Initial" starts with an almost classical guitar structure reminding me of Steve Hackets solo stuff,but then it just moves into this prog metal thing again and is spellbinding.

You really need to hear this to experience just how good this is and you dont have to be a prog fan to understand just how good this is.

Wheres the album?????
Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Peter Gabriel, IQ, 12th Night, Opeth, Peter Hammill



IChameleon said…
Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. I was fortunate enough to witness Peter Gabriel with the original Genesis and Adam's vox and performance remind me so much of those times. I never thought I would hear that magic again. And these guys are young and hungry and vibrant. Gary is like a human metronome on kit and compliments Pauls solid bass lines perfectly and as for the wonderfully fluid guitar playing! Mike is a master at blending chops and styles that would require three seperate players at once.

And these guys can do it all live too! Loved your review of The Gaff. Spot On!