KINN - DEMO EP (Cd Review)

01.Want Me, Need Me
02.Hole World Down
03.All Alone

Nikki (Vocals)
Tomm E (Guitar)
Lars (Drums)
Fred Lesser(Bass)

This Birmingham based quartet have produced a neat little ep here but one aimed at the commercial end of the rock/metal market, because this has Papa Roach/Black Stone Cherry stamped all over it.

This is the kind of radio friendly rock that leads bands from clubs to stadiums, im sure if the CrueFest came to the uk these guys would be on the bill somewhere.

My favourite track is "All Alone" its a good late night rockers with some slash like guitarwork, cant believe these guys are from the uk, it just shouts American Band at you from every angle.

Rating 6/10

For fans Of : Papa Roach, Black Stone Cherry, Guns N Roses, Heavens Basement, Stone Sour.