01.Told Thee It Were Russia
02.Is Scarlett Johanssons Cunt As Pretty As Her Face?
03.Bob Hoskins Goin Mental In A Bin
04.The Lonely Fisherman
06.Its Not Rape If You Shout Suprise
07.Wheres My Fuckin Gin?
09.We Bite
10.Gay Pride Sunshine (Live)
11.Titwank (Live)

Optimus Doyle (Mouth)
Wez4 (4 Strings)
Lee4 (4 Strings)
Mike4 (3 Strings)
Nic Boy (Cowbell)

We are in Anal Cunt territory here, but at least this lot can play their instruments and you can make out the vocals.

Track 4 shows their Thrash credentials with a very obvious take on the Virus classic "Lunacy".These first 4 tracks are from their first demo recorded early in 2006.

The next 4 tracks were recorded at the end of 2006 for their second demo, and it is a much better offering with mid pace thrash songs meeting a touch of grindcore, "Wheres My Fuckin Gin?" kicks ass.

The last 3 tracks are all previously unreleased.First up is a break neck and quite brilliant cover of the Misfits "We Bite".The last 2 were recorded live this february at the Bridgehouse, "gay Pride" is not one to play any sensitive and/or politically correct friends.

Rating 8/10.

For Fans Of : Virus, Damnas, Lawnmower Deth, Anal Cunt