Friday, 10 April 2009


01. Market Garden
02. Closer To Death
03. Poison In The Womb

Ben McCann (Guitar)
Steve Brill (Drums)
Kyle Proctor (Bass)
Stuart Layne (Vocals/Guitar)

2009 has already produced some great recordings and this is no exception.
London thrashers Muted have always had a cult following and have been a solid act on the gig scene since 2005.

First thing you notice is that they have a singer that can sing as opposed to shout in fact there are some great harmony vocal elements to "Market Garden", the guitar break half way through has an almost 'celtic' feel to it, this is thrash but with real melody.

Track 2 has a real NWOBHM feel, think Diamond Head/Saxon, but unlike those arch copyists Metallica, this band manage to retain originality.
This is my favourite track and will be on my mp3 very soon...And yours too when you hear it.

Finally some cool bass introduces us to a Megadeth (ish) rocker that shows some real talent, proving that thrash is not always about speed but sometimes musicianship and the ability to put together a good song matters too.

I think these guys have been around long enough now, they have put the work in and prduced a very good cd here, time i think for the likes of terrorizer to start taking note and to get them to the rest of the country.

Rating 9/10


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