Saturday, 4 April 2009

GREEN RIVER PROJECT, NEMHAIN, THE MERCY HOUSE, ACHILLA Live At The Underworld, Camden 02.04.09 (Gig Review)


The Underworld, Camden 02.04.09

Celebrating one year since their debut performance and their song appearing on the cover mount cd with Metal Hammer magazine, the band hailed as Nightwish meets Opeth take to the stage and spent the next 30 minutes entertaining the small audience.

So there is little to say, the band are good, nice and heavy with very very strong drumming and the vocalist is somewhere between Doro and Tarja.Thing is that the performance lacked feeling, its like they just stood on the stage with no movement, unless you count the slow motion Angela Gossow impressions from the vocalist.

Saw them in a pub last week they were really good, tonight they were on a big stage and they were really fucking awesome.
About half way through the set i noticed that the whole audience area was packed and that everyone was headbanging, dancing and cheering.Their take on classic rock mixed with power metal is an absolute delight, vocalist Drew has an amazing voice that is moving into Michael Kiske (Helloween) territory with a David Coverdale edge.

Okay..So Lakis goes to plug his guitar in and there is no sound, thats because the jack into the cab has been broken and fallen inside and guess what?? yep thats right there is no replacement.So i grab a screwdriver and fix the amp within 10 minutes despite being told by someone in charge that it could not be done !

So that solved band return to stage and off they go, the sound is really bad i mean was anyone actually working at the mixing desk???

Still the audience are loving the music anyway (Thank fuck for booze) and have'nt really noticed. Then half way through "Clear My Eyes" the bass goes so i rush around the back find a replacement bass from The Mercy House and get that changed, then the stage geezer says to me only one more song then off, Adrian shouts how long and they manage to pull out 2 more songs with "Second Skin" and "Speed Queen".
So a nightmare gig for sure, but heads held high as it was'nt the bands fault it was shit equipment!

Mick Priestley's band official debut gig.
They had played one previous gig as part of the Unholy club night with King Lizard as a warm up, which i am told was good but dogged by sound problems.

Hmmm "Sound Problems" so welcome to the underworld home of really crap sound and it does effect their performance.One of the countries most talented guitarists a fantastic drummer and the amazing Andy law on vocals, it should have been outstanding but it was'nt, sure the fans enjoyed what they could hear from the short set but all in all the venue let them and the fans down.

This was simply in the wrong place and corners were obviously cut with equipment.But tonight it was The Mercy House who were lucky enough to avoid most problems.







Mick Wood said...

400 + fans and all bands, crew etc had NO issues with the sound whatsoever at Unholy, as a matter of fact the whole evening was a total sucess.
So you "heard" wrong mate and Im sure everyone who worked so hard to keep it level that evening will agree.....just a thought.Mick Wood - MONSTA ENTS / STC TOURING

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,this is getting silly,again somebody has pointed out an inacuracy in your stated fact with this beggining to think its personal (lol).
After confirming with Mick P,i can assure you that the Scala GRP show WAS the official debut of the band and was neither promoted as,or considered to be a 'warm up' (considering that at that time Mick and I co-promoted Unholy i can assure you that Mick and I pushed that gig to the max as a DEBUT,not a warm up,and im sure the band would want that acknowledged (what a great night and venue to have on your c.v as your first show).
I am sure that you are aware that i strive to debut bands (e.g_,Nemhain)when i belive the act will flourish,and whilst i applaud your site for 'critique' I think that your 'facts' should be exactly that.MW