Saturday, 11 April 2009

NEMHAIN - SECOND SKIN (Video Single Review)

Amber (Vocals)
Adrian (Drums)
Lisa (Bass)
Lakis (Guitar)
Sam (Guitar)

01. Second Skin (Cover of The Gits song)

So here we are then the first single from the upcoming debut album "From The Ashes" and it's an absolute killer version of 'The Gits' Second Skin.
To accompany the single is their first promo video in 2 years.
Recorded in West London in January with Director Dr.Palser (My Dying Bride, Salvation & Immortal). It features Gramdrax of Ted Maul filling in for Peter Dolving of The Haunted, who duets with Morrigan on the track.
The video took me a number of watches to get into it, now thats not a bad thing, to be honest on the first watch i was'nt instantly blown away, with much of the original asylum idea being changed to this weirder and disturbing mix of madness.
It has some great graphics giving it an old fashioned quality and the miror bits are great, still not sure about the point of Gramdrax eating the chicken, but what the heck it dont matter do it??
I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the band though and the "signature" drum kit that took so long to create.
All in all its as stylish and impressive as the band themselves.
Rating 10/10
And now the video itself..ENJOY!!

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