Saturday, 26 September 2009

'77 - 21st CENTURY ROCK (Cd Review)

01.Gimme Rock N Roll
02.Hardworking Liar
03.Big Smoker Pig
04.Shake It Up
05.Wicked Girl
06.Your Game's Over
07.Less Talk (Lets Rock)
08.Let The Children Hear Rock & Roll
09.Double Tongued Woman
10.21st Century Rock

Armand Valeta (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)
LG Valeta (Lead Guitar)
J.T. Dolphin (Drums)
Raw (Bass)

Alber Alone (Backing Vocals)

'77 are a Spanish band who have recently based themselves in London and have non stopped gigged since they arrived, building up a solid fanbase and wowing everybody with their amazing and highly energetic live performances.

What we have here is ten slabs of pure old school Ac/Dc worship, this is Bon Scott era circa 1977, hence their name.

There is no point in pulling out a song to review here, because if you love ac/Dc then you love this band.They have managed to retain such originality despite sounding so much like Bon and his crew, yet songs like "Your Game's Over" could be off High Voltage.

Look simply put this is just fucking awesome, go see them live and get a copy of the cd from them.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Ac/Dc (Bon Scott), Airbourne, Rose Tattoo


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'77 said...

Hey!!!! thanks mate!!! hope to see you soon when we're back in london!! cheers!!!