Sunday, 20 September 2009


01.The Pill
03.The Picture
04.Kill Me Again

Samara Kain (Guitar/Vocals)
Marcella Crivellaro (Vocals)
Martin Drees (Drums)
Dave Silver (Lead Guitar)
Sasha Cron (Bass)

Formed at the beginning of the year by former Nemhain guitarist Samara, Catfight are rapidly emerging as not only a great live act but a band who produce outstanding songs.
This EP features guest appearences from british melodic thrashers Savage Messiah's Dave and Sasha whose contribution is simply stunning.

We start with 'The Pill' a full on Motorhead influenced rocker driven by drums and Marcella's superb vocal delivery, its fast and furious!

'Amia' kicks of with a 60's sounding guitar riff which has a Hendrix/Beck feel that just ripps through the whole song.Its a catchy muthafucker of a song with, crazy vocals, drums and pounding bass join to create an awesome tune that will have you singing "aiyeeah, ama ama ama" wheather you like it or not.

Next up is the first song the band wrote, 'The Picture'.
This is a grungy/fuzzy piece with some great lyrics, its what i call a "head nodder" cause you cant stay still when this is on.

Finally we arrive at 'Kill Me Again', a song that i must have played a 100 times already, i cant get over this song its just brilliant.It starts with an emotive bass line that punctuates the entire song, im not even sure how a bass line can carry such feeling but it does, its awesome and is a credit to Sasha that he can take a couple of chords and produce this quality.
The guitarwork has it all from some lovely slide on the opening to the little riffs and a neat solo.
Martin's rhythmic drums go from strength to strength driving the whole song to its crescendo.
Now to the vocals of Marcella and Samara who duet throughout, the best female vocal performance i have heard for a very long time, again the emotion that comes through is stunning and the harmony is perfect.
The whole song is moody and put over in such a way when the girls sing "i cant believe you're gone and its all my fault" that you actually believe it.The production on this track by Andy Brook is electrifying his abilty to allow the feeling to come through on this is genius.

A perfect EP, a release date has yet to be set, but when it is announced order yourself a copy you will not regret it.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : L7, Hole, Nemhain, Mudhoney, Motorhead, Mallory Knox.

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Anonymous said...

that kill me song, just checked it on the myspaz page, mate you are right its fucking wicked