01.All Your Rage
02.The One To Be Pleased
03.The Score Of All Time
04.Up In The Air
05.Grand Northern Evil
06.Through The Demons Door
07.Cant Deny You
08.Genocidal Minds
10.In Fear
11.Hell Is Blue
12.No Second Plan
13.The Outsiders
14.No Mans Land

Luca Ravasio (Vocals)
Daniele Panza (Guitar)
Max Torres (Bass)
Arnaldo Rogano (Drums)

Having formed in 2004 they have worked hard on the live circuit building up a solid fanbase and of course released the best selling album 'As A Metal Of Fact' in 2006 (Re-issued in 2008), it drew comparisons with black sabbath and a host of classic rock bands.
But last year it was apparent that the band wanted to evolve musically and take a much heavier approach and lyrically a darker edge.

This is a different beast altogether, Cavalar means in Portuguese 'super charged' and 'excessive' and believe me with this album they are highly charged and have gone way beyond normal limits to create 'Recoil'.
Everything about this album screams modern heavy metal with a power metal influence, this becomes clear right from the start with the Helloween'ish "All Your Rage" an incredibly powerful song with full on guitar work, pounding bass and drums and Luca's amazing vocal abilities.
Track 2 hits like you wouldnt believe, could be a Zakk Wylde song, Dan's guitarwork is really heavy and the vocal is again powerful with some great harmony in the mix.
"Up In The Air" is a powerful piece and really stands out with a modern Zepp feeling and a great guitar solo.
The next few songs just keep moving in the same feel, let seems to be no let up in the force that comes through the speakers!
From the acoustic intro of "Cant Deny You" we are treated to the longest track on the album, this is followed by the shortest track and possibley the heaviest track on the album "Genocidal Winds" a song derstined to be a classic, as the song "The Outsiders".
The final track "No Mans Land" is a real drum driven track and once again is packed full of great guitar and vocal delivery.

I should point out that this album is not available yet, you should check their myspace page for updates.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Helloween, Black Label Society, Blood Island Raiders, Viking Skull