02.Critical Mass
03.The Puppeteer
04.Suicide Bomber
06.Sweet Tooth

Phil Honey-Jones (Guitar/Piano/Vocals)
Tjay Tarantino (Bass)
Adam Lewis (Drums)

As its Tjay from Blood Island Raiders and he told me this was psychedelic i was expecting a sort of 'Magic Muscle' type sound, how wrong was i.
This is a complex mix of goth and industrial influences together with stoner and psychedelic music, but in many ways is more than all this.

Track one starts off with a jazzy rhythm which flows throughout the song just sounds like something Black Rebel Motorcycle Club might have knocked out a few years back.

'Critical Mass' is a much better piece, sure its Led Zeppelins 'Dazed & Confused', but it has great guitar work and some pretty outstanding bass and drums as well, no vocal to get in the way of the mood.

After a short instrumentle we come to 'Suicide Bomber' an almost techno rock piece very Bauhaus and very good, this is followed by yet another instrumentle which is just percussion.

'Sweet Tooth' bugs me, because it reminds of some old song and i cant remember what!
Its quite slow and "nice" could be from a late seventies Pink Floyd album.

After yet another short instrumentle we hit 'Sacrifice' a song that seems to meld together so many influences that id be here listing them for 10 minutes!

All in all this is top notch musicianship, great vocals and thousands of ideas all expertly put together to create one helluva cd!

Oh and the untitled track is yet another short instrumentle.

Rating 8/10

For fans of : Bauhaus, Can, (Early)Tangerine Dream, (Early) Black Sabbath, Japan, Pink Floyd