I.C.O.N - NEW BORN LIE (Cd Review)

01.Cold Divide
02.Inside The Out
03.Seven Second Warning
05.Messiah Complex
06.Shotgun Karma
08.New Born Lie

Mark Sagar (Vocals)
Scott Knowles (Guitar)
James Henderson (Drums)
Ross Adams (Bass)

Note : Adams does not play bass on this cd.

Jason Shuttleworth (Bass)
Roy Bright (Backing Vocals)

Formed around 2005, the Burnley based band set about creating classic british heavy metal.
Right from the outset this just screams class, its full on metal in the 'Down' style.

Its not till we get to 'Ultraviolet' that we get a rest, and this is a slow moody metal mutha! that reminds me of Danzig's 'Cant Sleep' and ends with some great acoustic guitar.

Next up its a return to the metal onslaught and some more outstanding guitarwork and some cracking lyrics, "are we all martyrs to a cause we dont see" good stuff.
'Prizefighter' has to be the stand out song here, it just has it all from big vocal delivery, a catchy as fuck chorus, when you hear this you'll be screaming "Step Up Step Up" at the top of your voice.
Outstanding bass line, drums and more of that great guitarwork, its metal, its got a doom like middle bit, and more metal at the end!!!!!!

The last song also continues with a doomier feel, and it has a real good riff holding it together.

Rating 9/10

For fans of : Blood Island Raiders, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Down, Cathedral