Amulet - Cut The Crap (Demo Review)

01.Running Out Of Time
02.Black Magic Attack
03.The Hangman
04.Sign Of The High Priest

Jamie 'Leven' Elton (Vocals)
Marek 'Skillz' Stevens (Rhythm Guitar)
Will 'Dozer' Hutson (Bass)
Dave Sherwood 'On Drums' (Drums)

Guest Lead Guitar
Tone Deth

When it comes to new bands attempting the NWOBHM style they usually just play a watered
down vesrion of thrash metal, so when a group of talented musicians with thrash backgrounds form a band playing that genre create genuine authentic NWOBHM circa 1979 you HAVE to take notice.

Those responsible and clever enough to understand this music are Marek who used to be in
'Invasion' and currently runs the Live Evil Festival.
Jamie former bassist with 'Doctor Death' and Will a talented artist and tattooist who also did the bands artwork.
Drummer Dave has an impressive CV that includes 'Doreterna' and Thrash legends 'Virus'.

So the group of friends decided to form a band based on their love of NWOBHM, Doom and
Heavy Metal some time last year then recorded this ep with Jamie at the helm and mastering from another Jamie (Gomez Arellano) who was responsible for recording 'Ghost's' debut album.

The final element to this release is that its only available on "TAPE"!! and just 100 copies.

Stunning opener 'Running Out Of Time' has that classic early doom feel as if Wytchfynde
were jamming with Quartz, superb bass work, high pitched vocals, powerchords and a nice guitar sound all held together with a solid drum beat.

'Black Magic Attack' has a driving and very powerfull beat reminicent of early 'Diamond Head', there is a very well executed proto-thrash guitar break that is still the right side of 'Raven'.

Somebody really should have shouted "wakey wakey" at the beginning of 'The Hangman', its
got those great little powerchords running through it and another kick ass guitar solo.
The song is very catchy with its "he is the hangman" chorus.

Finally (and all too soon) we come to 'Sign Of The High Priest', this one has 'Diamond Head' written all over it, this one moves at a fast pace, great lyrics and pure NWOBHM at its most professional. The break down is brilliant with a top heavy bass line and crashing drums.

Fuck sake its like Amy has inticed me into the TARDIS and taken me back to the marquee in
1979 and handed me a demo tape!

Nothing but respect for this release, a band with real understanding of the genre, hopefully an album and some gigs to follow.

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Diamond Head, Mythra, Angelwitch, Wytchfynde, Quartz.


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