Swine Of Hades (Album Review)

01.Evo/Algy – Tune To The Music
02.Taake – Die When You Die
03.Sigh – Somniphobia
04.The Meads of Asphodel – There’s a God in my Gruel
05.Thus Defiled – And They Shall Fear The Night

'Tune To The Music' is a cover of Status Quo's 1971 song from their 'Dog Of Two Head'
album.Algy (Saints/Damned/Tank/Atom Gods/Warhead) and Evo (Angelic Upstarts/Warfare/Warhead) opt for sitar and flute to open this strange compilation cd, then with a shout of "Im fucking bored" the duo absolutley destroy the 12 bar melody of Quo with the kind of punk metal noise you would come to expect!

Fucking awesome!

Up next more noise from Taake with guest appearence from 'Mayhem's Necrobutcher and this
time its a cover of G.G.Allin's 'Die When You Die'.

The weird and wonderful 'Sigh' next with an original song called ‘Somniphobia’.Prepare for six minutes of strange synth sounds mixed with guitars and drums.

The Meads Of Asphodel serve up a track recorded during sessions for their ‘Murder Of
Jesus The Jew’ album.‘There’s A God In My Gruel’has a great jazz swing to begin with and a great vocal delivery from Metatron.

They still have those great little Hawkwind synth swirls that go to make them one of the most original black metal bands in the UK.Of course the song decends into extreme territory where the band always deliver!

‘And They Shall Fear The Night’ from Thus Defiled dates back to 2007 and boasts a guest
appearence from Sakis Tolis from 'Rotting Christ'.Coming it at over nine minutes its an epic and brutal conclusion to this release.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : Warfare, Taake, Sigh, Meads Of Asphodel, Thus Defiled


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