Paradise Lost - Draconian Times MMXI (CD Review)

02.Hallowed Land
03.The Last Time
04.Forever Failure
05.Once Solemn
07.Elusive Cure
08.Yearn For Change
09.Shades Of God
10.Hands Of Reason
11.I See Your Face
13.Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us
14.Rise Of Denial

Nick Holmes (Vocals)
Gregor Mackintosh (Guitar)
Aaron Aedy (Guitar)
Steve Edmondson (Bass)
Adrian Erlandsson (Drums)
Milly Evans (Keyboards/Backing Vocals)

Draconian Times was their fifth album released back in june 1995.
Often hailed as a true modern classic (Though i prefer 1991's Gothic) the Halifax based band have been producing gothic/death metal since 1988.
The original album produced two minor hit singles 'The Last Time' and 'Forever Failure', the latter gained controverasy for its inclusion of the voice of Charles Manson.

As has been the recent trend with bands to perform classic albums live in their entirety the band opted for this one.

This is a superb fan package available in numerous formats including a Limited Deluxe Edition comprising of 2 DVDs + CD + extended 32 page booklet including press clippings from the original release, and a vinyl 2 Lp set.

The 2009 album 'Faith Divides Us' (when Adrian joined on drums) provides the last two tracks.

Well it pretty much does what it set out to do, its an electric performance of the album, to be fair it sounds better than the original, live brings a "feeling" to the songs that the studio tends to smooth out.

RATING ; 9/10
For Fans Of : My Dying Bride, Opeth, Anathema


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