The Quill - Full Circle (CD Review)

01.Sleeping With Your Enemy
02.Full Circle
03.Black Star
05.Bring It On
06.River Of My Childhood
07.24/7 Groove
08.White Flag
09.Pace That Kills
10.No Easy Way Out
12.More Alive Than You
13.Waiting For The Sun

Magnus Arnar (Vocals)
Christian Carlsson (Guitar)
George ’Jolle’ Atlagic (Drums)
Robert Triches (Bass)

Conny Bloom (Sitar)

Formed in Sweden in the early 90's the Quill have released a number of very good albums and gained worldwide fans and even landed some good tour supports to the likes of Monster Magnet.
In 2005 the band almost fell apart when original singer left and George joined Hanoi Rocks, however in 2010 they regrouped with a new singer and have produced by far their best album to date.
The album offers up a selection of styles from classic 70's inspired stoner with 'Sleeping With Your Enemy' and 'Bring It On', a more modern take with 'Full Circle' and some epic acoustic ballads like 'River Of A Moonchild' which has a Whitesnake 'Child Of Babylon' feel.

To pick out a few that really stand out i would have to go for 'Black star' with some awsome Sitar from Conny Bloom (Jolle’s former Hanoi Rocks colleague and Electric Boys' frontman), it has a real psychedelic vibe whilst being a full on rocker.

'Pace That Kills' and 'Waiting For The Sun' are pure 'Audioslave' and has that big post Zeppelin riff that always delivers if done well.....and it IS done well!

There is only one track thats naff and that is 'No easy way Out', it has a country ballad feel and just doesnt cut it with all the other high energy music going on here.

For fans Of : Soundgarden, Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Viking Skull


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