Nightwish - Storytime (CD Single Review)

01.Storytime (Radio Edit)
02.Storytime (Album Version)
03.Storytime (Instrumental)

Anette Olzon (Vocals)
Tuomas Holopainen (Keyboards)
Emppu Vuorinen (Guitars)
Marco Hietala (Bass)
Jukka Nevalainen (Drums)

First single from the fourthcoming 'Imaginaerum' album.
The seventh album from the band and the second to feature vocalist Anette, this album is a concept album telling the story of an old composer on his deathbed, reminiscing of his youth. The album was produced alongside the movie of the same name, directed by Stobe Harju.

You can tell its Nightwish from the opening keyboard riff and that guitar sound never really changes, but its the vocal that still sounds odd, she still sounds like the AbbA girls (but then she did start off in an AbbA tribute band).

Its very commercial and not massivly inspiring though the choral and orchestral elements work well, but the album/movie project does sound very intresting.

For fans Of : Within Temptation, Epica, Achilla


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