Rammstein - Mein Land EP (CD Review)

01.Mein Land
02.Vergiss Uns Nicht
03.My Country (The Bosshoss)
04.Mein Land (Mogwai Mix)

Till Lindemann (Vocals)
Richard Z. Kruspe (Guitar)
Paul H. Landers (Guitar)
Oliver "Ollie" Riedel (Bass)
Christoph "Doom" Schneider (Drums)
Christian "Flake" Lorenz (Keyboards/Samples)

'Mein Land' is the first single from the upcoming retrospective 'Made in Germany 1995–2011' due out soon.

Well having been somewhat controversial with their videos in the past (Porn/Cannibalisim/Drugs/Murder etc etc) it seems that the german's have decided to really push their boundaries and opted for Beach Boys imagery and Frankie Avalon beach movies!!!!!
That said we do get leather, fire, lesbians and boobs towards the end!!

Offensive video aside, the new single is still typical of the band, dancable industrial metal that is full of melody, catchy chorus (that despite being in their native tongue you can still sing a long too), punchy guitars, powerfull drum rhythms and signature sampling and keyboards.

'Vergiss Uns Nicht' has an evil nursery rhyme feel to it, with added epic breaks.

'The Bosshoss' is a bloody country and western version sung in english : Fucking mental!!

Finally the 'Mogwai Mix' is a dark techno version with heavily distoted vocals.

For fans Of : Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Deathstars


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