Stormbringer - MMXIII (CD Review)

02.Gazing At The Grave
03.Mark Antony
04.Save Me
09.Darker Days
11.Welcome To Hell

Mike Stockley (Vocals)
Ash Smith (Guitar)
Dom Wallace (Guitar)
Darren McCullagh (Bass)
Jon Paul Quantrill (Drums)

Stormbringer first came together in the summer of 2011 After a couple of Sunday afternoon beers between Dom and Ash. Both had just come away from their longterm projects, Deadeye and Nekkrosis respectively, and were looking to embark on a new journey. Dom was also a member of the Viking Skull, who were between tours at this point so it seemed like the perfect time to start on something new. Dom then made the decision to contact Jon Quantrill to see if he would be interested in becoming involved in the new project. After a bit of thought Jon joined the band, followed by Darren McCullagh.

After about a year and with the music for the album already recorded, Stormbringer added the finishing touch to their line-up. Mike Stockley (Ex Narkan, great london band had a song called "Eat Mt Ass") joined the band in the winter of 2012 after a mutual friend said “you have got to check this guy out”. Mike was exactly what the band were looking for, a classic rock voice with a contemporary edge and a lyrical ability that was perfect for the sound the band had created.

Opening with a doom laden instrumental 'MMXIII' what follows is another ten slabs of huge rock anthems, every song is just perfect, superb vocals, great music, some nice guitar solos.

This has a real mature heavy rock quality that few bands have at the moment!

Rating 10/10

For Fans Of : Mercy House, Voodoo Six, Viking Skull.