TesseracT - Altered State (CD Review)

01.Of Matter – Proxy
02.Of Matter – Retrospect
03.Of Matter – Resist
04.Of Mind – Nocturne
05.Of Mind – Exile
06.Of Reality – Eclipse
07.Of Reality – Palingenesis
08.Of Reality – Calabi-Yau
09.Of Energy – Singularity
10.Of Energy – Embers

Alce Kahney (Guitar)
Amos Williams (Bass)
Jamie Postones (Drums)
James Monteith (Guitar)
Ashe O'Hara (Vocals)

Formed as a studio project back in 2003 by guitarist Acle Kahney, TesseracT immediately eschewed all well-established notions of what metal should sound like and swiftly became a unique and daring entity. By 2007, Acle had recruited a line-up worthy of his groundbreaking compositions and this new band embarked upon a quest to inject some originality and excitement back into an often myopic and lazy British metal scene.

The new album is an ambitious prog/concept piece in four sections, the band said
“The concept behind Altered State is very simple. It is about change, and how life is change. We have been through a very difficult period of time over the last few years. It is a miracle that the band has survived. I feel it is the ability to step back and see everything for what it is that has allowed us to get on with life and try to enjoy it. Reality is change…”.

'Of Matter'
A very slow and melodic start kind of threw me a bit, i was expecting something heavier, that said the drum really moves 'Proxy' with a great rhythm, the second part 'Retrospective' is much of the same really, nice melodic vocals, simple guitar riffs and punchy drums.'Resist' borders on a pop/rock tune.

'Of Mind'
'Nocturne' kicks out with a KoRn like bassline, this one definatley has a bit more energy both vocally and with the guitars, of course eventually it breaks down to a very melodic piece.
Now 'Exile' comes in at over 8 minutes and starts with a heavy nu-metal vibe, this one has a lot thrown into it but seems to go nowhere.

'Of Reality'
More of the same until we get to 'Calabi-Yau' an instrumental thats in its 2 minute duration has so far proved to be my favourite piece so far, some stunning sax playing over a heavy neo prog backdrop, why couldnt all the other tracks be this good?

'Of Energy'
Well fortunatley the last 2 tracks also pick up, more rhythm a nice heavy feel and some imaginative breakdowns.

Rating 5/10

For Fans Of : Marillion, Queensryche, Devin Townsend Project.


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