Tempestora - The Battle Begins (CD Review)

02.New Age Dawns
03.Halls Of The Slain
04.Conquering The Masses
05.Too Blind Too See
06.Wrath Of The Repentant
07.Sanity Deprived
08.A Bloodline Broken

Sam Shiers (Vocals/Bass)
Jay Deakins (Guitar)
Alex Hawes (Drums)

Hailing from Gloucestershire, Tempestora formed in 2009 taking inspiration from the classic speed/thrash genre as perfected by Slayer and Megadeath.

In 2010 they released a 4 track ep and gigged throughout the country, they won their regional heat of 'Metal For The Masses' and were rewarded by a slot at Bloodstock alongside Evile and Children Of Bodom, another noteworthy support came in Bristol alongside Gama Bomb in 2011.

Last year they played at the 'Heaven And Hell' festival sorted out a deal with Casket Records and began recording their debut album in march.

Starting with 'Relentless' a song both matched in speed and excellent musicianship and it has to be said a song title that sums up the power that produced the enxt few songs as well.
Agressive vocals are tempered with an underlying melody, yet the speed remains intense, powerful drums and screaming rifferey with solid bass work somehwre in between.

However with 'Sanity Deprived' we get a different beast, starting with some echo laden guitar we get a slow and heavy beat flowing into some full on thrash, but its when it hits the slower bits that the song takes on a more (dare i say?) mature approach.

Much can be said for the closing song 'A Bloodline Broken' where maidenesque riffery opens to a technical pattern, this is a solid piece of work and by far my favourite track.

In an age where much thrash/speed metal churns out the same old crap, it's good to hear some well put together music that is both intelligent and brutal.

Rating 8/10

For Fans Of : Sylosis, Decapitated, Virus

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tempestora/127758117278600


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