Allow me to introduce to you Jo Blackened a photographer with an amazing talent.As you can see from the samples below she can convey atmosphere in both the studio and on location, a sample of the latter featuring James Bonegrinder from "dark power metal" band Matron.

Jo started Altercarnated Photography in 2005 and has been building up a very impressive portfolio and is now branching out in live band photography also.

Perhaps one of her strengths lies with her ability to capture the moment with feeling, and the pictures have a rich colour with superb editing and care.The attention to detail and understanding of the subject matter is second to none.

One more remarkable detail to mention is that for both the location and studio work her rates are very reasonable!The locations she has are quite something as well.

Contact details and some samples are below.


Some of the available locations

James Bonegrinder from Matron


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