02.The Breaking
03.Die Alone

Low (Vocals)
Annie (Guitar)
Dave (Guitar)
Dany (Bass)
Lex (Drums)

Formed less than a year ago Kopperhed have already begun to make a name for themselves through gigging and appearing in the Surface Unsigned competition where they eventually won 3rd place at the finals at the o2 Arena.

The band draw on numerous influences from Nu-Metal, Heavy Metal,Goth and Rap to create an intresting and highly original sound, a sort of "New Nu-Metal".

First thing you notice is that this cd comes in a great little round package, so from the outset its obvious that some care and attention is being paid here.

'Chains' has this great Slipknot vibe mixed a bit of 'Roots Bloody Roots', the vocals are very much in the growl n scream vein, not unlike Anders (Original Slipknot vocalist), some great melodic moments break the agression up but it is pretty much a full on assault through the speakers!

'The Breaking' has a quite beautiful guitar intro and then it breaks into a heavy riff before driving into a moody rhythm.
Again you cannot fail to pay attention to the vocalist's attack, but at times there is a slight feeling that he could sing parts of this normally which would lift this song to a new height, the backing vocal has harmony that works wonders and some great guitar solos here as well.

Finally the heart warming 'Die Alone' another in your face onslaught layered with screams, huge riffs, awesome drumming and enough melodic moments to allow you catch your breath and even a little rap thrown in for good measure.

A very impressive ep from a band who will no doubt grow in stature in the coming months and without a doubt one to watch.

Rating 9/10

For fans of : Slipknot, Korn, Down The Sun, Soulfly, Mushroomhead



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