FROM GREAT HEIGHT - FGH EP (Free Cd download)


01.The Messenger
02.From A Great Height
03.The Lie Of The Land
05.Split Seconds

From Great Height are a four-piece band hailing from Enfield, North London.
Formed In the summer of 2007 with the goal to create a distinctive, yet familiar style of rock music.
Drawing influence from the heavier, more progressive bands of the 70's, the epic synth sounds from the early 80s and contemporary songwriting styles.The results are a dynamic and melodic sound.

The band soon began to play live and their enthusiasm to share with an audience started to win them fans from both indie and heavy metal shows.

In 2008 they recorded their first single ‘Split Seconds/Initial’, upon its release it was the second track ‘initial’ that began to get them attention both here in the UK, one review stated “You really need to hear this to experience just how good this is”, and in the USA it was added to the playlist of 'Class X Radio' In Cincinnati, Ohio.

2009 has so far seen them increase their fanbase; gain higher profile gig’s including the support for American group ‘harptallica’ for their London show and the release of a five track ep titled ‘fgh’.

Currently, the aim for From Great Height is to continue to play as many gigs as possible to help push their music further.
They relish the opportunity to play live, in any venue, any shape or size and with any genre of other bands.


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