01.Katch 'Em And Kill 'Em
02.Hate 2 Love You

Recording Line Up:
Al.B.Damned (Vocals)
Doug Cartwright (Guitar)
Joe Crow (Guitar/Bass)
Leigh Costanza (Drums)

Current Line Up:
Al.B.Damned (Vocals)
Joe Crow (Guitar)
Kodi Kasper (Guitar)
Danny Toxic (Bass)
Pip Sickness (Drums)

This is a limited edition 2 track cd sampler for the upcoming debut album to be titled "The Darker Side Of Me".
Formerly known as the Texas Drag Queen Massacre Al's crew have been tearing up the uk for a few years now with numerous releases and amazing live shows, this essentially was set to be a solo project but has now evolved into a band in its own right.

First song opens with a mock live introduction before kicking into a full on horror/punk/metal/goth rocker with a catchy as hell chorus and great punchy guitar.Al's voice is like wednesday 13's but with a rawer edge and yes the music has that whole FDQFP13 feel but it has a metal feel to it and retains originality.

The second song is more of the same, until half way through when it slows down and Al does some great harmony singing,there is a touch of Motorhead in there as well.

Basically 2 songs just aint enough so lets hope we get the album soon.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : Wednesday 13, Misfits, Murderdolls, Amen, Graveyard Boulevard



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