Wesley Alexander Davies III (Vocals/Guitar)
Jay Dodkins (Guitar/Synthersizer)
Stu Beardshaw (Bass)
Alex Hannon (Drums/Samples)

Midlands based band who formed in 2005, soon gained huge amounts of press and in particular the undying support from metal hammer.Festival appearences, Major tour support slots and a couple of releases should have propelled them into the big time, yet after all these years that recognition has yet to come to fruition.

This latest 3 track demo shows that they have progressed musically to a very high standard and have produced three very good songs here, bridging both progressive and hardcore genres to create a unique and enjoyable sound.

A soundbite from a zombie movie introduces us to 'Cursed' a song which to begin with shows some straight forward hardcore tendencies, however there is some very technical guitarwork going on in the mix and as the song continues numerous elements come into play from synth, timing changes and Burton C Bell like vocal harmony.

'Malevolence' has a melodic beginning of guitar and synth before crashing into an almost symphonic black metal song before allowing that hardcore influence to shine through with some style.The structure of the song is such that one element flows into the other drawing the listener into their world.

'Origins' is a drum driven heavy as fuck out and out headbanging classic, sure there are melodic breakdowns with that great synth sound but the song just drives with power throughout for about six minutes, leaving the last 2 of this epic to flow once again in a Fear Factory style.

Yet another fine example of how British heavy metal is forever moving forward and producing outstanding bands with the ability to create lasting music.

Rating 9/10

For fans of : Fear Factory, Opeth, Chaosanct, Meshugga



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