01.Straight To Hell
02.The Rage Within
03.Slaves To A Tyrant's Reign
05.Nightmare Asylum
07.The End Of Days
08.The Eliminator
09.Rising From The Grave
10.Release The Anger
11.Hell's Battlefield
12.Destroyed By Creation

Daz Abbott (Guitar)
Neil Stevens (Vocals)
Dave Spicer (Guitar)
Justin Smith (Bass)
Will Roswell (Drums)

Formed 3 years ago, the Ipswich thrashers put it out that they were the new wave of traditional thrash metal, they released numerous demos and kept gigging, this last year however they have moved up a gear and have gained some major band supports to the likes of Evile, Cauldron, Wolf, Forbidden and Virus.

This is their first album and its released through Casket records.

The cd starts with a nice quiet intro before launching into a full on thrash assault with screaming vocals, breakneck speed drumming and solid riffs.'Straight To Hell' hits every button right down to the fist in the air title!

Track 2 continues the onslaught with a pounding riff that drives the song throughout, it has that kind of riff that frankly Anthrax would kill for these days.

'Wargames' has a great bass line and a a shredding solo in it,this just gets better as each song comes along.

'Nightmare Asylum' the song that has "Classic" written all over it!A superb riff throughout, great vocals, the song just moves with an almost power metal feel, it has that great sing a long quality with its catchy chorus and remains brutal throughout.

'The End Of Days' is yet another full on headbanger, but fortunatley a couple of minutes we get a quiet breakdown to catch our breath.

You gotta love 'The Eliminator' from the opening sound effect of walking and rain to its old school thrash feel, with rhythmic drums and "we are not worthey" riffage!

Turn up the next track to 11 because the production in the use of stereo mixing just has to be heard, in fact the production throughout is awesome, but on this track its just amazing.

Love that opening bass note to 'Release The Anger' it just pops the speaker a treat, its another great song and half way through speeds up and we get more great solos!

'Hell's Battlefield' has a nice guitar/keyboard intro into some blues heavy guitar, then those chords n riffs kick in once again, add the bass, drums and screaming vocals and Elimination prove they dont know the meaning of "calm down", this is thrash afterall.

Finally the title track coming in at almost 8 minutes, well its fucking awesome, full of great timing changes and the last couple of minutes has this maidenesque riff that is an absolute killer.

Shall we sum up?
The best british thrash album of 2009; No doubt in my mind at all, that for a band to produce an album of this quality as their debut, can go nowhere but forward.

Its not jumping on any bandwagon retro or otherwise, this is pure original talent.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : Municipal Waste, Anthrax, Megadeth, Onslaught, Virus, Gama Bomb, Evile



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