T.O.O.T.H - ERIC THE FRUITBAT 1979 - 1982 (Free Cd Download)

01.Silver Machine (07.03.80)
02.DestroyAr (07.03.80)
03.Taking It all Away (April 1981)
04.Obscure Weirdness (August 1981)
05.All Along The Watchtower (September 1982)
06.Spirit Of The Age (September 1982)
07.Hanging Around (Septemeber 1982)
08.First Ever Recording (26.10.79)
09.Bedroom Band Fucking Around (December 1979)

Stu (Vocals/Guitars/Drums/Keyboards)
Kev (Bass/Drums/Vocals/Guitar)
With :
Jah Leroy (Drums)
Bobby Vincent (Bass)
Steve Sabbath Cook (Drums)
Peter Lawrence (Guitar)

A bunch of very old recordings from very poor cassette tapes.
From hearing these back its weird to think that we were part of the NWOBHM at all, we were just a rock band with strange influences like the Stranglers, Hawkwind, Crass and Motorhead.

But as with 'Obscure Weirdness' there was an avante garde element to what we did, which i guess came from me and Kev's love of bands like Faust and Can.

There is nothing outstanding here, so dont expect the wow factor, but looking back i think we had something unique.



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