Allus On Drugs - Demo EP (CD Review)

03.How High
04.Sunset Yellow

Jason Moules (Vocals)
Damien Hughes (Guitar)
Tom Peden (Bass)
Andrey Pavlovic (Guitar)
Connor Fisher-Atack (Drums)

Allusondrugs are a 5 piece alternative rock band from Castleford in Yorkshire formed in the autumn of 2012.
Noted for their beautiful vocal harmonies soaring over huge, effect ridden guitars and pulverizing beats, this band will give you a screaming eargasm.
Their wild and intense live show can turn a room full of people into soup in minutes.

The band has spent the last few months gigging heavily and making home recordings of
their material that so far has ranged from psychedelic pop to fuzzed out stoner rock and
have just signed to Clue Records who recently released a limited edition cd single called 'Plasters'.

However this is a promo ep given away at gigs, well packaged and even came with a free sweetie!

We start with 'Ted' a screaming super fuzzed out mix of Mudhoney meets the Hives, a simple song about their friend "ted" who is apparently in heaven and watching porn!

With the catchy lyric "watch him as he shivers" i shall hazard a guess that 'Stir' is not about being stuck out in the cold, but a drug related matter set to some excellent subterranean pop music.

'How High' has a post brit pop sound reminiscent of Stereophonics, a great vocal performance backed by sub psychedelic riffs and solid drum beats.

A chilled out mellow song, 'Sunset Yellow' apparently about "Irn Bru", im not convinced its a homage to the scottish soft drink, i suspect it maybe something more "fun", the song has an hypnotic sound and is one that really stands out.

An interesting mix of sounds and influences all "possibly" influenced by something not musical?
I think they may have hit upon a new sub genre of indie or grunge with a sort of "StonerPop".

Rating 9/10

For fans of : Mudhoney, Nirvana, Stereophonics, Stone Roses, The Hives



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