Edens Curse - Symphonies Of Sin (CD Review)

01.Symphony Of Sin
02.Break The Silence
03.Evil & Divine
05.Fallen From Grace
06.Losing My Faith
07.Rock Bottom
08.Great Unknown
09.Turn The Page
10.Sign Of The Cross
11.Wings To Fly
12.Devil In Disguise
13.Where Is The Love?

Nikola Mijic (Vocals)
Thorsten Koehne (Guitars)
Paul Logue (Bass)
Steve Williams (Keyboards)
Pete Newdeck (Drums)

Formed in 2006, EDEN'S CURSE have risen from their humble beginnings as an internet studio project to a full blown touring outfit with four studio albums and several tours behind them.
"Symphony Of Sin" is their first fronted by new Serbian vocalist Nikola Mijic and former Dragonforce and Powerquest keyboarder, Steve Williams, alongside founding members Paul Logue, Thorsten Koehne and Pete Newdeck. 

This album carries on where their last album "Trinity" left off with the band delivering arguably their most consistent collection of melodicyet-thunderous songs to date. Opener and title track 'Symphony Of Sin', clocking in at just under the 8 minute mark, features the epic sonic wall of a 46 piece orchestra, soaring vocals from Mijic and topped off with razor sharp riffing from Koehne. 

'Evil & Divine', which the band will release a promo video for, is a sumptuous moody-yet-melodic pot boiler and has "live classic" stamped all over it, whilst the heartfelt 'Unbreakable' sees the band step into the uncharted waters of Pop Metal. It has hooks galore, a radio friendly chorus, yet somehow effortlessly manages to retain the powerful sound.

All in all pretty good, not the greatest power metal album ever made, but certainly not the worst.

Rating 7/10

For fans Of : Firewind, EdGuy, Queensryche