Turisas - Turisas2013 (CD Review)

01.For Your Own Good
02.Ten More Miles
03.Piece By Piece
04.Into The Free
05.Run Bhang-Eater, Run!
06.Greek Fire
07.The Days Passed
08.No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
09.We Ride Together

Mathias Nygård (Vocals)
Jussi Wickström (Guitar)
Jaakko Jakku (Drums)
Jesper Anastasiadis (Bass)
Olli Vänskä (Violin)
Robert Engstrand (Keyboards)

Just in case you have been on another planet for the last 16 years....Hailing from Finland, Turisas (named after a Finnish God Of War) formed in 1997 and then released 3 demos, one of which contained an epic version of 'Thse Were The Days' by Irish folk singer Mary Hopkin.
Ever since the debut album ”Battle Metal” (2004) came out, the band has become known as one of the most energetic, innovative and exciting metal acts both on record and onstage. Turisas has made its name through hundreds of shows and headline tours in Europe, the US, Russia and Latin America, and wherever the guys have set their foot, they have triumphed.

Often labeled as simply a folk/metal band, the band defies easy genre definitions. Incorporating elements of symphonic power metal along with elements from prog, punk and death metal.

The album ”The Varangian Way” came out in 2007 and was followed by ”Stand Up and Fight” in 2011.

This ones a bit weird or perhaps i should say "ecletic" ?
The first track sounds like something from a musical, a very operatic vocal over some piano work, it picks up to a quite poppy sound.

'Piece By Piece' picks up to the old sound (a bit) but just seems way to commercial, whats happend to their edge?

'Into The Free' has some of that epic vocal work and quite fast drums but still kinda seems "off".

The weird 'Run Bhang-Eater Run!' is a great ethnic sounding song then its full on old school style Turisas, Awesome!

But overall this is a very patchy album, not what i expected from them at all.

Rating 6/10

For Fans Of :  Finntroll, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Gogol Bordello