Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics (CD Review)

01.Whats Haunting You
02.At The Well Of Nazareth
03.The Transit Begins
04.The Source
05.Colour Me Blood Red
06.Night Of The Long Knives
08.Flesh Of The Lotus
09.Path Of Sorrows
10.Science Fiction

Anders Manga (Vocals/Bass)
Devallia (Organ)
Zoltan Von Bury (Guitar)
Doza (Drums)

American doomsters BLOODY HAMMERS have completed work on their sophomore LP titled Spiritual Relics. This is the follow up to the North Carolina occult metal band's critically celebrated, eponymously titled debut and boasts ten titanic tracks revolving around ironclad themes of classic horror, stories from the coven and chilling evil.

Produced by towering front man / bassist Anders Manga, Spiritual Relics builds on the strong wall of sound BLOODY HAMMERS created on last year's debut.  The artwork was created by Brazillian artist, Caio Caldas.

Named in homage to the singularly atomic Roky Erickson & The Aliens song of the same name, BLOODY HAMMERS' hallucinatory heavy music has been called "a psych / hard rock / horror fan's dream come true."

This is a slab of 10 fuzzed out psych/doom monsters, very much with a nod back to late 60's early 70's sounds created by bands like Blue Cheer with that occult sound created by the legendary Coven.

At times some beautiful guitarwork and haunting vocals mix in with the more traditional heavy drum and powerchord that you expect when the word doom is mentioned.

Rating 10/10

For fans of : Cathedral, Purson, Electric Wizard, Moss, Jex Thoth, Uncle Acid & Deadbeats

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