Esper Scout - Poet Curses (CD Review)

01.Assumpta Tang
02.Swallowing The Sun
03.No Gold
04.Gammal Gubbe
06.Wallet Of Brass Crowns

Sarah Statham (Guitar/vocals)
Kirsty Morton (Guitar/synth)
Rebecca Jane (Bass)
Lou Brinn (Drums)

Esper Scout are an experimental rock/progressive four-piece based in Leeds formed in 2011. They are driven by an enthusiasm for melody, harmony, textures and pedal effects as well as dynamic rhythms.

Having released e-single ‘Assumpta Tang’ in August to positive reviews (with accompanying VHSthemed video by Manchester’s WE ARE WULF collective),they are now releasing their longest collection of recordings to date in the form of ‘Poet Curses’. All six tracks were corecorded, produced and mixed by past collaborator Paul Crompton and Esper Scout at Eiger Studios and Hut 57 (ES’s home studio) on a ‘modest’ budget.

‘Poet Curses’ is an anagram of the band’s name and the artwork is a painting by Paul Crompton’s mother Annette who passed away before in winter 2012 and whose headstrong and
adventurous lifestyle is reflected in the lyrics to Swallowing the Sun. ‘Gammal Gubbe’
is Swedish for ‘old dude’ and is one of the terms the Gothenburg raised producer
taught the band during recording.

Well for experimental/progressive rock, this is a tag that most certainly does not apply in any form i am aware of, this is pretty straight forward indie rock, reminds me more of Throwing Muses than say Sonic Youth who might just fit that tag.

A solid little ep mind you, quite downbeat in places, well put together and a nice production allowing the layering of sounds to come through.

Rating 7/10
For fans of : Throwing Muses, Pixies, Auf Der Maur, Oceansize.


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