Sunday, 1 February 2015

Eternal Armageddon - Black Thrash Bastards (CD Review)

01.Darkness Shalt Reign
02.Hate Reincarnated
03.Black Thrash Bastards
04.Satan Whispers

Asmodeus (Bass)
Sarcophagous (Guitar/Vocals)
Blasphemouranter (Drums)

I shall leave the biography to them:
Eternal Armageddon, an impious entity to ascend from the mystical land of Bengal, to torn apart the so called established institutions and proclaim the vanity of true extreme metal. The procession towards the eventual destruction invoked around 2009, when the local underground scene was smeared with mediocrities, Eternal Armageddon rose above all the local burrs. Early days of the band followed a more straightforward pathway of melodic black metal. The shrines of hatred, the blunders from mythicized nature and the lonesomeness of human psychic all that were converged to build a temple of tainted lust- to create an euphoric mystery of life- through the harmony, through the timber to reflect the deep insight the collective had on the music. The procession of the unholy legion were hitched, but no thorns could ever hindered the march of nearing Armageddon. The debut musical scriptures Her Forlorn Monsoon descended 2011 AD, declaring with the intentions of ultimate doom. With the progression of the hourglass, the Armageddon warlords visualized the facet of such a combat they did embark on. The journey was put to asunder for over a year. Still the invocation of eternal demise could hardly be discontinued. The new soldiers of war soon joined with the impious essence. The war that now turned to a blasphemous onslaught, to convulse the so called morality. The impact from the unholy reunification now set to calcine the pillars of established superstition. Behold your canton before the Armageddon’s glory. The bedewed war has now transmigrated into a blazing storm of abomination. The rebirth of disdain is now cursed with the black/thrashing supremacy. The inevitable invasion is exterminating. The benighted ages of falsehood, fanaticism is next to obliteration with the frenzied chaos unleashed from the orthodox black/thrashing verses.

With 4 original songs and the last being a cover of a song by Sodom, this is highly primitive and raw Black Metal harking back to the old demo from Mayhem or Darkthrone.
It sounds like it was recorded on an old cassette deck in a rehersal room, not sure that really cuts in in the modern age where even raw can still be refined.

However dont let that put you off, it is a welcome sound to that of the highly gothic/symphonic style that many strive for these days and is a great tribute to the early dark days of the genre.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Mayhem, Darkthrone, Marduk, Venom

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