Torrens Conscientium - All Alone With The Thoughts (CD Review)

01.When The Day Is Gone
02.The Black Fog
04.Evening Behind
06.Being Lonely
07.The Dawn

Sergei Korolyov (Vocals/Guitar)
Alina Tishenko (Guitar)
Sergei Rachinskii (Bass)

Doom metal from the Simferopol in Ukraine, formed 2009 released first demo called 'Four Exits' in 2012.

'The Black Fog' finally gives us a chance to hear the rest of the band, what they offer is typical of modern doom that draws on gothic influence, very clean sound, what this brings to the table is very dark vocals and then a timing change that increases the speed to black metal levels and then drops down again.

Hoping that this would improve and get more doom like, and no 'Immersion' sticks with this goth/doom style.

Only 'Hitcher' really hits it for me, this one is more about what doom should be, but then hmm no not really, again seems to fall short of expectation.

Sorry guys, good stuff but not Doom as we know it, more gothic hybrid, maybe if it had been promoted as such the resulting review may ahve been different.

Rating 7/10
For fans of: Luna, De Profundis, Sorrows Path


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