Sunday, 1 February 2015

Code - Mut (CD Review)

01.On Blinding Larks
06.Inland Sea
08.Numb, An Author
09.The Bloom In The Blast

Aort (Guitar)
Andras (Guitar)
LORDt (Drums)
Syhr (Bass)
Wacian (Vocals)

Plotting began under rain soaked London skies in 2002 by Aort and Kvohst. The aim: simply to deliver their own take on black metal as they wanted to hear it.
The collaboration yielded the elusive “Neurotransmission” promo CD which was released that same year and secured the band a deal with Spikefarm Records.

The Code ranks swelled to include Vicotnik from Ved Buens Ende and Dodheimsgard on bass and AiwarikiaR from Ulver on drums, creating an Anglo/Norwegian entity.

Recorded in Savonlinna, Finland, the results were the band’s debut album 'Nouveau Gloaming’.

Turmoil and upheaval scarred the following years but the resolve was strong enough to create an album of varied and melodically dense black metal in the form of their second album 'Resplendent Grotesque' featuring guest drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates/Nemhain).

Kvohst left to pursue Hexvessel and Vicotnik to continue with Dodheimsgard leaving Aort to regroup and redefine Code gathering together a group of talented UK based musicians with widely varying musical backgrounds for this new album.

I had to check that this was the right band 'Code', as i only have Resplendent Grotesue, this was not what i was expecting so far away from black metal or even heavy metal this is a superb album of neo-prog.

Each song is so full of melody, clever timing changes, amazing vocals, beautiful guitar playing, rhythmic drumming and punchy bass work.

Rating 10/10
For fans of: Marillion, Esper Scout, Violent Sky, From Great Height

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